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Security Training to its security personnel is one of the most important factors in building the brand image and provides excellent security services. We at Jais Services & Security believe that each security personnel are the brand ambassador of the company, hence we put in every extra effort to train and groom him to provide optimum security services to our valued clients.

How we perform :-
We recruit the person according to the QR set for the various categories of the Security Personnel. Once selected, they undergo the enrolment process and are then sent to Security Training School to undergo Basic Security Training.

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Basic Security Training :-
This is the initial stage where a person is groomed into a disciplined and knowledgeable security guard. We conduct 8 hrs sessions per day for over 20 working days. Basic Security Training comprises of 13 days (100 Hours) classroom and 7 days (60 Hours) Field Training.The main subjects covered are :
    * Posturing, Discipline, Manners & Etiquettes
    * Security Awareness
    * Physical Security
    * Various Tools of Security
    * Asset Protection – Human, Material & Information
    * Patrolling
    * Crowd Control and Use of Force
    * Identifying various documents
    * Incident prevention and reporting
    * Handling various Emergencies
    * Use & Operation of latest Security Equipments
On completion of Basic Security Training, an assimilation test – Written and Aptitude is conducted to check and verify the knowledge gained.

Training :-
We impart training to the selected personnel at our Security Training Centre. Here cadet is trained to be not only a proficient guard but a gentleman for lifetime. The training programme is exhaustive and comprehensive for continuous 21 days. Security personnel are also imparted On Job Training (OJT) at the place of duty. At Jaish Services & Security, training is an ongoing activity and every employee gets 2-4 hrs of on the job training (OJT) capsule every month.

Security Training Process

Security today has become an indispensable part in today’s age. The sector is quite booming in the recent times and majority of the sectors ranging from retail to hospitality and many others need a compliance for security. Thus, a security guard is an armed/unarmed individual which ensures protection of the assets ranging from human lives to physical property from criminal activities. Since they are employed to make sure of the safety, they are given rigorous training so that they can best cater to their responsibilities. Our company strictly follows the general requirement procedures (based on international standards) and strict interviewing procedures to recruit one of the best and most efficient personnel in the industry. The standard of recruitment is as follows –

   Age: Candidate must be at least 21 years of age and maximum be 40 years.
   Height: We select only those candidates who are minimum 5’7″ or above.
   Eye Sight: The eyesight should b 6 X 6.
   Physique: Candidate must be in excellent physical shape.
   Education: Candidate must possess a minimum of matriculate certificate. Also, the applicant should have an ability to read, write and       speak English and the language(s) most appropriate to his or her assigned duties.
   Criminal History: We duly check the candidate’s background for if the person has a clean record and is free from any job related crime.    Any felony conviction discovered in the course of conducting the search should also be considered relevant to the candidate’s       qualifications for the position.
   Experience: We prefer those applications that have some experience in this security industry.

In the basic training, the security guards are made familiar with their service conditions, uniforms and equipment. This is followed by a brief introduction about the code of conduct to be followed by each security guard. Other aspects in a basic training includes –

   Drill movements at regular interval Services.
   Fire fighting and first-aid methods.
   Gate duties.
   Physique: Candidate must be in excellent physical shape.
   Ensuring proper documentation at the gate or reception.
   Basic telephone duties and mannerisms.
   Good and friendly conduct with staff and visitors.
   Escorting the VIPs.
   Search and frisking of persons.
   Personal hygiene and essential housekeeping duties.
   Car parking and traffic control and much more.

About the company

JSSPL Group Located in Panipat Haryana, India, We, “Jaish Services & Security”, are one of the premier consultancy firms of India offering a broad range of Security services. Our consultancy services include Transition and Deputation Process Service, Mechanical Clean Service, House Keeping Service, Fire Fighting Service, Supervision Service and Reviews of the Service.