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Uniformed Guarding

We provide manned guarding services for a whole cross-section of clients from multinational corporations to hotels, corporate houses, residences, embassies, educational institutions, industrial establishments, multinational companies, ATMs etc. The security service at JSSPL takes care of preventing any kind of loss through accident, theft, fraud, fire explosion, damage or wastage at your premises. We train our security guards, supervisors and security officers on multiple sites for diverse range of clients.

VVIP/Executive Protection

The use of specialized agents and personnel who are highly qualified and skilled for effective safeguarding and risk mitigation to be used for personal protection by VVIP’s. Our professionals are well trained in providing security to celebrities. We provide bodyguards/ VIP protection of the highest international standards using the skills and experience of operators. We provide armed guards and gunmen with licensed weapons for VVIP’s. All our guards are trained with the latest technology, which also includes how to tackle critical situations.

Security Consultancy

The security consultancy division is a service-oriented sector which would offer quality and strategic advice on the usage and effective management of required personnel and would also brief the functional aspects of the team itself. JSSPL Group provides consultancy to corporates and industry on all aspects of risk analysis and management, loss prevention including security survey of premises, handling of emergency situation.

Facilities Management

The sector which specializes in the management of facility oriented security systems ranging from industrial facilities to various public facilities. We provide a complete set of services as per the needs, activities, and image of your company by providing a single source of contact for all purposes. At JSSPL, we dedicate ourselves to provide you with the best facilities management services to improve the daily running condition of your workplace.

Manpower Outsourcing

In order to meet the requirement and security oriented necessity, we outsource manpower and additional workforce based on the requirement. Security Guarding Services at JSSPL are provided under the experienced supervision of its management staff. Supervision by our service security managers to ensure that all guarding duties are maintained up to the highest standards by regularly visiting your premises.

Electronic Security

Integration of electronic security systems such as cameras and live-feed monitoring systems is of utmost importance to ensure effective coordination of our security workforce. We provides round-the-clock electronic security through latest gadgets and technology. Our CCTV systems ensure 24-hour security for your premises from different angles as per requirement.

Mobile Patrolling Vehicle

Located in Panipat Haryana, India, We, “Jaish Service Security”, are one of the premier consultancy firms of India offering a broad range of Security services. Our consultancy services include Transition and Deputation Process Service. JSSPL is one of the security company with specialized vehicle rider, drivers with equipment our security team attends the assignment or premises physically and confirm detail report the clients need. During rounds at night, patrol officer finds any suspense or unnatural activities, he will immediately inform the concerned person pertaining to complete report.

Security Services

We have the great pleasure to introduce ourselves to you with a positive approach & hearty desire of extending discreet and flawless security services to your entire satisfaction. JSSPL is well established reputed organization of Indian standard with a large customer base in providing high standard security services. The security drills are a part of our regular training procedure. We follow rules and guidelines as laid down by government agencies for establishments, residential and other commercial areas. Our operatives are veterans from Special Forces or those recruited for their unique skills and ability to conduct themselves in a distinguished manner, after clearing tough selection processes.


Our team who are energetic, dynanic and self-motivated leaders, we strive to serve with sincerity and honesty along with determination and integrity. We are well established reputed organization of indian standard with large customer base in providing high standard Housekeeping services. Most companies spent huge amounts of money on the infrastructure of their offices. At the same time, many of them entrust the cleaning and maintenance of the costly interiors to amateurs within a short span of time the fittings deteriorate and the company has to incur additional expenses for repair and renovation.

Investigation & Detection

Primarily formed in order to collect, assess and assimilate data or information based on a legal given requirement. JSSPL Group has a reputation for carrying robust investigation and giving the terrific result. We have a team of highly-qualified detectives carrying out espionage secretly.

Event Security

This division focuses on extensive and super effective security setups for events such as concerts, exhibitions and the likes. Our security management division provides unparalleled safety, security and peace of mind for organizing the event. Focusing on advance planning, threat assessment, problem prevention, event crowd control and crisis response, we cover it from every angle.

24 Hour Control Room

Continuous exchange of live information between our on-field and monitor-based personnel ensures effective risk mitigation. Our CCTV systems ensure 24-hour security for your premises from different angles as per requirement. These cameras can be positioned both exteriorly and interiorly and can be monitored from the control room through recording or via an internet connection.

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JSSPL Group Located in Panipat Haryana, India, We, “Jaish Services & Security”, are one of the premier consultancy firms of India offering a broad range of Security services. Our consultancy services include Transition and Deputation Process Service, Mechanical Clean Service, House Keeping Service, Fire Fighting Service, Supervision Service and Reviews of the Service.